Monday, November 28, 2011

Here is a piece I did a while back. I brought it out to add some minor changes to. I think it still needed some work and it does look better than before. This image was made for an ABC book that was created as a class project. I got the letter S. "S" for "Snot my day." I will be posting some new work soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This passed weekend I was able to attend my first Los Angeles SCBWI summer conference. SCBWI was celebrating its 40th year and it did so with a record attendance, more than 1300 attendees. During the weekend we were able to listen to and learn from many of the great writers, illustrators of the children's book industry, like David Small, and Jon Scieska. Being that it was my first time at the summer conference I definitely felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the event. But as soon as it started I realized that there were many of my friends from CSUF present, and all the new friends I could ever want to make all around me. Everyone was just there to have a really good time and SCBWI did a really great job making everyone feel right at home.

The portfolio showcase was one of the highlights for me. There were over 180 different portfolios on display, including my own. It was really great being able to see so much work in one room. There was so much good work, and so many great styles that I'm sure the judges had a very hard time deciding on the winners. Though I was not one of the chosen few, I did feel very confident about own work and received a lot positive feed back from a lot of people.

My weekend at SCBWI was truly a great and memorable weekend! I can't wait for next year.

See you there.

Here are some of the new images that I put together for my portfolio.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Environment Designs

Here are just a few images that I've produced during my time as an intern for Easley-Dunn Games. My experience as an intern has been really great and has helped a lot in understanding better the job of a concept artist.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Comic Book Art

These are some images I did a few weeks back. I did a lot of sketches in pencil and in ink before I I actually got these started. The images with the dragons were done to play around with the texture and to practice my brushwork. The third image with the kids was actually done for a class project that I thought would work well in this black and white comic book style.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Lonely Boat

This is another painting I did earlier in the year. Though I'm happy with it, I think the work that I will be producing in the coming months will be much, much better. Can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Watercolor T.V.'s

This is the first of at least ten small, postcard sized watercolors that I will be part of my second solo show at CSUF. The show will be composed mostly of background art for animation, comic book art, some children's book pieces, and these small watercolors. The show will take place in the last weeks of April. I still have lots to work on, but will post more as I get closer to the show.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Artist Books

A few semesters ago I was able to be part of the artist books class and learned about book binding. Since then I have been creating some of my own sketchbooks and also put put together these two artist books. I really enjoy the challenge and the craftsmanship needed to build a book out of raw materials while at the same time being able to keep it clean all throughout the process of sowing and binding.

Illustration West 49 at Gallery Nucleus

Here are a couple of pictures that I took at opening night of the show. This year there were about six Cal State Fullerton students that were accepted into the show. It was really good to share the event with some of my classmates and even one of our professors. For a look at all the work that was part of the show follow the link to the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles website.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Show at Gallery Nucleus!

Recently I was informed with the good news that one of my ink drawings was accepted into the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and will be part of a group show at Gallery Nucleus. It is my first time being accepted into the competition and I am very exited to be able to participate in a show at Gallery Nucleus. I've been to many of the fantastic shows at the gallery and I know there will be lots of great art in the show, I can't wait to see it. The opening reception is on January 21st from 7pm to 10pm, and will only be on display for about ten days. Check out Gallery Nucleus and the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles online for more details.

Two more backgrounds

So here is the finished version of the piece in my previous post. There are always small things that I would like to change but I think I was able to reach a place in that painting where it felt like it was time to move on to the next one. And there is the next one. It is just a simple composition where I tried to create some mystery with simple every day things, grass, the sky, some trees, and some rocks.