Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This passed weekend I was able to attend my first Los Angeles SCBWI summer conference. SCBWI was celebrating its 40th year and it did so with a record attendance, more than 1300 attendees. During the weekend we were able to listen to and learn from many of the great writers, illustrators of the children's book industry, like David Small, and Jon Scieska. Being that it was my first time at the summer conference I definitely felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the event. But as soon as it started I realized that there were many of my friends from CSUF present, and all the new friends I could ever want to make all around me. Everyone was just there to have a really good time and SCBWI did a really great job making everyone feel right at home.

The portfolio showcase was one of the highlights for me. There were over 180 different portfolios on display, including my own. It was really great being able to see so much work in one room. There was so much good work, and so many great styles that I'm sure the judges had a very hard time deciding on the winners. Though I was not one of the chosen few, I did feel very confident about own work and received a lot positive feed back from a lot of people.

My weekend at SCBWI was truly a great and memorable weekend! I can't wait for next year.

See you there.

Here are some of the new images that I put together for my portfolio.

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Barbara Malley said...

Wow, this is great looking stuff! Hope your art caught someone's eye at SCBWI.

Barbara :)